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About Heather Jackson

Heather Jackson is currently a senior at Dexter High school. She is about to embark on a gap year program to Thailand sponsored by the YES-Kennedy-Lugar program.

Heather has previously traveled the world with her family for a year 2006-2007. Together they visited 34 countries throughout 6 continents.   This trip helped spark Heather’s passion for adventure and culture. Heather loves meeting new people, and connecting cultures.  The Jackson Family has also hosted two exchange students through the AFS Intercultural Program: Dewa (Putu) Udayani, from Indonesia; Aida Hayibaka, from Thailand.

Heather is planning to study Political Science/ International Affairs in college.

Apart from traveling she enjoys participating in many activities. Her favorites include singing,sailing,swing dancing, participating in drama club, and spending time with friends. She is optimistic,outgoing,and passionate.

Her goal: To become part of a global community,  inspiring others to be grateful for the opportunities their lives have presented, and to smile 🙂


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