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True Love? Valentines Day in Thailand

Love.   A beautiful thing really.  Too bad some people don’t believe it exists- or at least “True Love”.  But what is Love? And why should I worry about it, especially in a foreign country where I only have like 3 more months left?

First of all, people have their own definitions of “love”. Some people get all caught up in “puppy love”, and before they know it they’re head over heels in a passion pit of emotions.  Every little thing their sig. other does, sends flutters in their chest and ever minute with them feels like they’re walking on a wire over an active volcano.  But once they’re separated every second feels like a year, and the only thing they can think about is being with that other person.

Then there are the people who simply don’t believe in love.  Perhaps they’ve had their hearts broken or were let down by someone, or many people.  Maybe they just have never felt attached to somebody in the first place.

Perhaps Love shouldn’t be confined to the borders of a romantic relationship.  Love can be found in family, and friends, even the small things strangers on the street do. Honestly, I believe Love can be found anywhere. Everywhere there are good people, although in some cases it is harder to find them. There are the people who volunteer their lives to strangers in an urgent and spontaneous moment.  Or the people who hold the door for the next one coming through. And why?   Because  we as people, hope that maybe if we are kind, people in return will be kind. Or perhaps they feel it is the right thing to do, nothing more.

Love is the good feeling.  We can reach it many ways.  A few years ago I was introduced to “The 5 love languages”: the different ways that people feel and express love through,

  •    Touch
  •  Words
  •  Gifts
  •  Help
  • Time

Most people feel love through 2 specific love languages.   I think personally, I prefer help,and touch .  That’s one thing I actually miss about the States, getting hugs.  ❤ ❤ ❤

Now to love in Thailand…. haha. Ok, well previously I have dodged writing about this because I know not everyone enjoys hearing my soppy stories.  But due to the occasion I’ll talk a little.   So, before I left I was certain that I was not interested in getting a boyfriend in Thailand. I thought about the stereo-typical Asian boy, which now I’ve gotten over.  I was prepared for a year of single just taking time for me and this new culture.  Then how silly I was, one fateful day to fall in love with a Thai boy.  I’ll spare the details.  Basically we met one afternoon, and we ended up talking for maybe two hours! Crazy! I immediately decided he was the most handsome boy in the school.  We spent the next 3 months on-and-off flirting like we were in 7th grade.  Then the flood came, and I was certain he would’ve forgotten me. The flood dried. School started. Wouldn’t you know it, one day I found myself right next to him! And Bam! My heart was struck by cupid again. Flirting picked up and before long it was New Years.  My friends were certain it would be only a matter of time until he would confess his love! And I believed it too.  Of coarse, later that week he started a relationship with another girl…  Actually this is a funny story! I went to the temple with my friend and her family, and we did something to make a stick fall out of a basket, and we get a paper telling our fate corresponding with the number on the stick.   My turn came, and finally a stick fell out.  We went to the board to collect our fortune paper.  My friend seemed to have a good fortune, she would be lucky and healthy.  If only mine could say the same: In fact it was rather the opposite… It was in Thai but it translated to “You will have you heart broken”.  Of coarse I didn’t want to believe it! It seemed impossible!  When I got home, I discovered my fortune came true.  A shock really. But perhaps I was more shocked at the fortunes accuracy.

Anyway, I’m over it now.  And I’ve learned so much more since then.

This week valentines day was celebrated at my school.  Of  coarse almost all the boys in my grade had to go to soldier training camp.  In Thailand, they have a really cute way of celebrating this special day.  Some people will buy little heart stickers at the market, and then stick them on their friends student uniforms. 🙂 Narakaaaa (cute in Thai)!  The rest of my class was busy preparing for the ONET-S exam, a national exam determining how good the schools are, by the students test scores.  It is a big deal, and so mau 6 (grade 12) is taking this week to prepare with extra classes instead of their usual schedule.  I’ve been going to art, Mandarin Chinese, and dance classes instead. But I still got to see most of my friends in the morning.   We had a fun time, even though there weren’t any boys to give us roses 🙂

To those single hearts out there, don’t feel discouraged. Know that it doesn’t take a boyfriend/girlfriend to make you happy.  There are so many wonderful things about life, that are only possible to see when you’re single.  Don’t be afraid of Love either.   To the broken hearted, don’t give up. Love is out there. Take time with your friends, and yourself.  And to those in a relationship, enjoy your time, and don’t forget to tell your partner how you feel.   But remember to keep your feet on the ground, it will help if you ever fall.

And to everyone.  Happy Valentines Day!!


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