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A Soggy Tale

First let me express my sincere apologizes for not posting sooner. Many of you may be aware of the current flood crisis in Thailand. As it turns out the province I was hosted in, Pathumtani, was one of the worst cases. My host parents sell clothing at the market as well as own a few farms. We moved out to the province of Kampangphet. There I was confined to a small apartment off of a highway for two weeks. Then we moved out to their rubber plantation in the mountains of Phitsanulok. Meh and Paw informed me that there wouldn’t be any electricity and it would be very rural. They weren’t exaggerating. Imagine my surprise when we pulled off of the bumpy road into a field of high grass in front of a little shed made out of corrugated tin. Luckily we had a distant relative who lived less than a kilometer away in a very traditional Thai farmhouse. Made nearly completely of wood with an exception of the roof, which was metal. The only power availably came from a small solar panel positioned outside of the house. We were originally supposed to stay there for only five days. However due to the unexpected delay in progress of clearing up some weeds, five days became ten days and sometimes I wonder if we would’ve stayed there longer if it weren’t for the upcoming holiday of Loy Katong. A Budhist festival that I had been dreaming about since I found out I was going to Thailand. Loy Katong is also known as the festival of lights. Not much different from the floating lights from Tangled . My family built our own katong boats which were made out of purely organic materials, mostly coming from the banana tree. But there were some people selling Katongs made out of snacks such as icecream cones and waffles!



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