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Sport Day!

So every year my school has a fun,3 day long event called “Sport Day”.
It is similar to american highschool homecoming, except instead of competing in football against a rival school; the student are split into 4 colors (red,blue,yellow,and purple), and compete against eachother in different events. However, Sport Day also includes competition for best parade displays, best “crowd cheering” -younger students are on the bleachers and do a cute cheer routine,mostly sitting- , as well as Cheer Leading itself (it has its own category!).
I was on team blue along with my oldest host sister. We won cheerleading, and got second in parade!
My younger sister was on team red. Red team got 1st in the parade.

Overall it was a really fun experience and a nice break from studying! Because I was in the oldest class of students, we were considered
“staff” and got to run errands, and get snacks for the athletes.


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