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Safe Arrival!

Hey everybody,
Well, I’ve been with my host family for about two full days now! I had a safe 14+ hour flight from Washington D.C. to Tokyo, then from Tokyo to Bangkok ( an additional 5 hours) . The food is delicious as should be excpected. The people are very nice as well. I love my host family although I depend mostly on my oldest host sister who is the only one who speaks english. Otherwise I get to practice my sherades skills and try to mime what I want to say… or just nod and smile to whatever they say 🙂 Don’t worry I will put photos up soon, but the  internet connection here is very slow, and I fear it may cost a lot, so they will take a while to get posted. Till next time,
Heather Jackson
P.S. I hve a thai name “Nam-Wan” it means sweet water/honey, because I have a sweet face. 🙂


2 responses

  1. Doug Jackson

    HI Nam Wan. I know what youre going through. My host sister is the only one who speaks english. I am learning more spanish as I try to communicate with my host family and the AFS volunteers here in Palmares, CRC. Where is your host city… They keyboards are different here, too, which makes punctuation a challenge. Your natural dad. Oh yeah, its raining every afternoon here. Its raining now, but we get pleny of sun and dry weather too.

    July 11, 2011 at 9:19 pm

  2. Jai

    Glad to hear you had a safe flight and having fun with you host family! Oh and your Thai name is awesome 🙂

    July 14, 2011 at 2:37 am

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