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The reality of it all

Yesterday, I had just gotten back from a camping trip with a few friends as a last good-bye. I stepped inside my house for the first time in three days, and KA-POW! It hits me like a giant tsunami! I’m only a few days away from leaving to D.C. and about a week away from leaving the country!

My mom, had pages and pages of notes that she took while I was away. She usually takes notes on everything anyway, so I was expecting a rather large amount of information, possibly only 30% would actually be relevant as well.  But I was actually quite surprised!

1. My dad,who was appointed to be a project leader in Costa Rica, had called home a few times.  Evidently it is very rainy there right now, but he is doing well.

2. I have my host family! This bit was what I was anxious about the most. And now that I have them, they’re still the topic I think about the most.  A brief bit on my new family: I have a father and a mother. Two sisters who are about the same age as my own sister and I. And the grandfather lives with the family to as well!  I’m currently not going to release their town because of a few reasons. First of all, I’m not actually sure what the name of the town is, although my exchange student claims to know where it is (I’ll trust her on that). Secondly, for their own security, perhaps I get there and none of them are thrilled about having their name+location on a relatively public site. Also, it is a long and complicated name, which is hard for even me to pronounce let alone any curious viewers.

3. The internet connection at my house has most unfortunately gone faulty. So it is nearly impossible to get connection. Luckily the public library has wireless (with limited hours) so I have been catching up best I can.

She talked about tons of other things as well. Some of it was probably important but I don’t really remember much of it… shhh don’t tell her. haha! Well, none the less she managed to talk through my entire dinner! I will miss her despite this.

My exchange student was in full packing mode, which made me realize I too should probably start packing. And let me tell you, it is not as simple as it sounds.  Airlines have a tight weight limit, and I’m not really supposed to bring half of my current wardrobe with me either. I should fix that….

In the meantime I’ve been enjoying the sunshine in Michigan, which is rare.  I’ve also been messing around with my camera, and playing with some of its settings so I can take super awesome shots to share on this blog.

Take Care!   I really should get back to packing…. I think I’ll watch a movie with my exchange student first though… 🙂 Well, I’ll post again soon! So much is going on these days!

Sincerely,     Heather Jackson


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  1. Judith DeMuth

    Heather…Glad you made it safely to Thailand!!! Just signed up for an e-mail through Yahoo because I wanted to come to the library and read Heather’s Blog. Thanks for writing so much and telling us about your host family. Also, did you really take the pictures? Wow! You really do a spectacular job with everything. Thank you. Love, Grandma Judy

    July 13, 2011 at 2:57 pm

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